Cabinet approves 1.08 million baht to rent medical workers to help healthcare system

Following Monday’s Cabinet meeting, PM Deputy Spokesperson Trisuree Trisaranakul announced that officers had approved a finances of 1.08 million baht to rent more medical employees on a short lived basis to assist healthcare facilities through the ongoing pandemic.
Closet of 2,402 positions will be open from January to September 2022. Aside from standing by during pandemics, this project aims to take the burden off medical workers which were working for the rationale that pandemic began. The positions might be open just for medical professionals who do not work for organisations underneath public well being. Among 2,402 positions, there will be fifty five positions for docs, 950 for nurses, 1,084 for public well being workers to deal with home isolation patients, 9 for pharmacists, 269 for medical technicians, 6 for radiologists, and 29 for medical scientists..

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