Pattaya police raid bars serving alcohol past 9pm, arrest two managers

Two bar managers in Pattaya have been arrested for violating the disease management measures final night time. Bars throughout Thailand are ordered to stay closed, but some have opened up as eating places. In “blue zones,” which incorporates Pattaya, alcohol sales and consumption at restaurants are allowed till 9pm. At around 9:30pm, Pattaya law enforcement officials went to Soi Bua Khao and Walking Street for a routine verify after Covid-19 cases were reported in the area.
A 24 year outdated lady, who manages a bar on Soi Bua Khao, was arrested after the bar served booze after 9pm. Reports say the lights had been turned off to be discrete, but the bar was nonetheless serving prospects. A 43 12 months previous supervisor of a bar on Walking Street was arrested after police raided his bar, which was still open and full of people.
Itemized had been prosecuted for breaking the Covid-19 prevention measure of Chon Buri’s Disease Control Committee. The officers also informed Thai media that there shall be an investigation every day at 9:30pm. Everyone is urged to observe the illness control measures strictly. If not, there might be Professional without exceptions.
Officers in other provinces have also been cracking down on alcohol sales and venues open has the cutoff hours. In the southern province Trang, police raided a restaurant and located more than 50 customers drinking alcoholic beverages from plastic cups. The restaurant reportedly even sold booze discretely by pouring it in a water bottle. Reports say additionally they had a promotion for purchasers..

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