Russian embassy warns Thais “don’t battle with Ukrainians”, threatens prosecution

Yesterday, the Embassy of Russia in Bangkok posted on Facebook urging Thais to not be a part of the Ukrainian navy. The post was originally in Russian, however viewers can see a translated version in English.
The embassy alleges that underneath international regulation, such ‘merceneries’ who be a part of Ukrainian forces aren’t qualified as combatants, and have no standing as prisoners of warfare. It says the best-case-scenerio for them is detention and prosecution.

Thais with military expertise have signed up to fight with Ukrainian forces, although it’s unclear precisely what number of. Crazy of them cite a sense of obligation to face up for a small nation towards an enormous country invading it.
“I hate to see strong people harassing weak ones. I am able to quit as a volunteer ranger and fly to Ukraine if I am recruited to hitch the battle.”

This information comes every week after the Ukrainian president posted an attraction to foreigners to come back to the Ukraine to assist its forces struggle Russia’s military invasion..

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