School textbook calls democracy “corrupt”, supports dictatorship

A story that has gone viral in Thai social media over the earlier few days raised ire over a grammar textbook that referred to as democracy corrupt and endorsed dictatorship. The textbook turned out to be revealed initially in 2008, was last published in 2012, and was faraway from approval to be used in classroom studying in 2016.
The authentic submit was shared tens of thousands of occasions and picked up by Thai news companies before the impression of the outrageous textual content was lessened by the revelation that the book had been officially withdrawn from classroom use 5 years in the past.
The offending textual content was an instance given in a grammar lesson on writing complex sentences and the interpretation to English exhibits a robust desire for authoritarianism over democracy.
“Somchai will select democracy the place politicians are corrupt, or Somchai will choose dictatorship the place the chief holds great advantage in his heart.”
A former MP with the Move Forward Party Kunthida Rungruengkiat, who now serves as an training marketing consultant, said that any examples like this must be recognized and shared and removed from Thai lecture rooms. She requested that individuals share any examples they discovered along with her.
“Anyone who sees a textbook with content material that deviates from the details deviates from tutorial principles and contains content that contradicts democratic rules, please ahead to me.”
While the e-book is now not accredited as part of the standard educating curriculum, it still is on the market on the market from the Office of Basic Education so copies of the guide still may flip up in school rooms.
Confidential complained that politically charged statements like this shouldn’t be showing in a textbook for young kids overlaying fundamental schooling. They use the outrage attributable to the viral submit, regardless of it being outdated, as a speaking level to encourage an improvement in the high quality of schooling for children in Thailand..

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