Thailand and Saudi Arabia patch things up 33 years after Blue Diamond Affair

PM Prayut Chan-o-cha visited Saudi Arabia earlier this week, and Thailand and Saudi mended relations they broke 33 years ago following the Blue Diamond Affair in 1989 where a Thai cleaner in Saudi’s royal palace stole diamonds worth US$20 million from the prince. The next year, three Saudi diplomats and a businessman attempting to recover the gems have been killed. According to the state-run Saudi Press Agency, Prayut gave “his sincere regrets for the tragic cases that took place in Thailand between 1989 to 1990.”
Back in 1989, the Saudi prince and his spouse had been on holiday for 3 months when the cleaner began to hide the diamonds in places across the palace the place he knew no one else would discover them. Then, over a month, he slowly moved them right into a cargo delivery that he finally despatched to Thailand. Before the palace might find out the cleaner had stolen the diamonds, he had already fled again to Thailand.
To get the diamonds by way of customs, the cleaner left an envelope with cash for bribery in his cargo, and a notice saying he had pornographic material in the cargo and most well-liked that authorities not search it. Thai authorities took the bribe. The cleaner saved a few of the diamonds, and offered others. But just one month later, Thai police arrested the cleaner in his home after Saudi authorities alerted them. Steal retrieved the diamonds.
But Saudi officials said 80% of the diamonds have been lacking, and many that had been returned have been fake. Then a photo was published of a senior Thai official wearing a necklace that appeared eerily similar to one of the missing Saudi necklaces.
In February 1990, Thai gunmen shot and killed three Saudi diplomats in Bangkok who had been trying to find the diamonds. A Saudi businessman who travelled to Thailand to investigate the case of the lacking diamonds was kidnapped. His body was never found, and heaps of suspect he was killed. An extremely uncommon blue diamond was by no means recovered..

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