Chiang Mai massage parlour submitting defamation over ‘distorted’ molestation claim

An escalating spat over alleged sexual molestation at a massage parlour in Chiang Mai‘s Wualai district has taken a new twist. The accused masseuse, together with the owner of the institution, retaliated, filing a police criticism against the young male client and the creator of the Facebook post that spurred the initial allegation. They declare the net account was a distortion of the particular events, causing damage to their business reputation.
On July 7, a publish appeared on Facebook stating that a younger man had been sexually assaulted by a transgender masseuse while availing of a traditional Thai massage. The client, in accordance with the publish, took offence and responded by kicking the masseuse in the face. The publish claimed the therapeutic massage owner had refused to just accept accountability, as a substitute advising the complainant to report the matter to the police.
The report hinged primarily on the accusation of molestation because the therapeutic massage parlour lacked CCTV cameras to offer concrete proof. In addition, the supposed victim had sought injury compensation amounting to 1,000 baht (US$28). Following a media report, the incident garnered vital public consideration.
Addressing the scenario at present, the 38 year old masseuse Piphat and the spa proprietor presented themselves to the Chiang Mai City Police investigators. They lodged a report towards the web page proprietor and the younger man behind the disputed Facebook story, claiming that it distorted the truth, resulting in loss and damage to their status, reported KhaoSod.
Piphat denied the molestation allegations, explaining that the shopper had are available for an oil therapeutic massage together with his girlfriend ready behind a separating curtain. Around half-hour into the session, the client all of a sudden attacked Piphat, accusing him of inappropriate behaviour, and thereafter demanding compensation of 1,000 baht. Piphat and the parlour owner refused to compensate as they were convinced of no wrongdoing on their part.
The parties later met on the police station to establish information and talk about a potential settlement. While Inexpensive purported victim confessions about assaulting Piphat have been apparent, no proof of current harassment was introduced. Consequently, the parties agreed to settle the assault matter with a compensation of 1,000 baht and an apology. However, the complainants reportedly proceeded to unfold distorted data on social media, contradicting their previous settlement.
Piphat, with over six years of impeccable service within the masseuse occupation, vehemently denied any misconduct claims. Their initial consult with police advised moving ahead with costs of bodily hurt given the opponent’s refusal to merely accept liability regardless of being at fault. They had been also contemplating submitting extra complaints for continuous reputation damages..

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