EuroFlo at CrossRail

The EuroFlo Industrial Pump system keeps Tunnel boring machine (TBM) cool by a continuous water supply. The Cross Rail project is an east-west rail route that passes beneath town of London using new twin-bore 21km tunnels.
Try before you buy and the tanks are positioned at the surface; the water is pumped from there right down to the shaft and all along the tunnel as a lot as the TBM. Once the water has passed by way of the TBM system the remaining water comes again via a filtration system to the tanks on the surface, out of the tunnel.
The water circuit offers 20 l/s to each TBM and 8 l/s is used in the TBM for various works and 12 l/s returns to the tanks. The inlet pressure needed ranges between 4 and 10 bar. On one website three TBM’s are operating and the pump system delivers 60 l/s, with the gear consisting of one single tank (3200m3) and one industrial pump used per tunnel. On one other site, the installation support’s the excavation with only one TBM with 20 litres/second and the water storage tank capability of 1100m3
EuroFlo use 37 kW vertical multistage Industrial pumps for the cooling system whereas the TBM excavates by way of a serious underground section of the Cross rail venture.

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