Methamphetamine seized from truck in Northern Thailand

A man in Northern Thailand was arrested for allegedly transporting illicit drugs in his truck from Chiang Rai to Phrae. Police say they seized 5.6 million amphetamine tablets and greater than 20 kilograms of methamphetamine at a checkpoint in Phrae.
The driver was passing through the checkpoint and reportedly claimed that he wasn’t carrying any cargo or items in the truck. Officers requested if they could run an x-ray on the vehicle. Comprehensive say the medicine have been then discovered packed in sacks.
Officers say they discovered 5.6 million tablets of amphetamine and over 20 kilograms of methamphetamine. These have been packed in tea packages and put collectively in sacks similar to the others found up to now.
The driver allegedly claims that he was employed by a man in Chiang Rai and was paid 20,000 baht in cash and was promised 50,000 baht extra as soon as he delivered the drugs to the vacation spot.
Police are nonetheless investigating..

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