Riventa pump system optimisation reduces vitality prices

In Illegal of Yeosu in South Korea, pump optimisation specialist Riventa has created significant financial savings at a global tyre manufacturer’s water pumping plant, including an annual vitality reduction of 13%.
Riventa utilised its FREEFLOW technology and Green Pump Index (GPX) benchmarking system to concurrently monitor five pumps. – Image: Riventa
For a pressurised system that circulates cooling water for artificial rubber processing, Riventa utilised its FREEFLOW expertise and Green Pump Index (GPX) benchmarking system to simultaneously monitor 5 pumps. For a hundred and fifty hours, system strain was measured, together with move rate and head mixtures to pinpoint how successfully the pumps could meet the varying calls for of the system.
Included in the tyre manufacturer’s goals was the want to address strain objectives for the system, which were operating at 4.5 kg/cm2, compared to the contractual minimum supply strain of 3.8 kg/cm2. Although the five pumps had the same casing, two of the impellers had been significantly totally different and Riventa found that by trimming the diameter of three pumps by 3.5%, an 11% reduction in strain can be achieved.
By totally understanding the operation of the system and how the pumps interacted with it, Riventa were also able to calculate optimum efficiency and make potential GPX recommendations.
At Protected of the challenge, the GPX index, which indicates the amount of power as a proportion that is efficiently transformed into useful work by the drive, motor, pump and system, was fifty four, however after Riventa’s modifications, had improved to a GPX index of 64. So, of the 100 percent of electrical energy consumed by the motor, simply 54% of that power was being efficiently transformed into web hydraulic output energy.

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