Autopsy report exhibits TV actress Tangmo drowned

An autopsy report indicates that TV actress Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong drowned. Forensic examiners also famous that there the big reduce on her leg was probably brought on by the speedboat’s propeller.
(Bangkok Post and Thai PBS have published differing details about which leg was cut)
The different individuals on the speedboat final Thursday evening when Tangmo drowned in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River claim the actress had fallen in the water when she had gone to the again of the boat to pee.
Tangmo’s mom has already voiced her opinion that foul play was concerned. Police officers have also been skeptical and have stated they’ll use a lie detector to interrogate the 5 people who had been also on the identical boat at the time.
At a press conference outside the Mueang Nonthaburi police station, just north of Bangkok, a pathologist at the Police General Hospital’s Institute of Forensic Medicine informed reporters that they couldn’t determine if Tangmo had urinated before drowning. The pathologist said the physique had been in the water for an extended period.
Forensic examiners also couldn’t decide if the actress had fallen in by accident, or if she had been pushed. The deep, 30 centimetre lengthy reduce found on her leg was probably caused by the boat’s propeller and should have minimize into a major artery, limiting Tangmo’s capability to help herself, according to a forensic expert. Examiners could not determine if her leg was cut earlier than or after her death.
Minutes mentioned that sand was present in Tangmo’s lungs, evidence that she was still breathing when she fell into the river. Due to the movement of the Chao Phraya River, sand particles can turn out to be suspended within the water and people do not need to succeed in the bottom of the river to get sand in their lungs.
The doctor who checked the scratches and bruises found on the arms and shoulders of considered one of Tangmo’s five acquaintances on the boat with her informed the reporters that they have been a couple of week previous and were not attributable to fingernails. The scratch was bigger than a fingernail scratch, and the bruise was caused by a hard influence.
Investigators are still working checks to see of there are traces of urine on the back of the speedboat or on Tangmo’s bodysuit (swimsuit)..

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